BC Referendum Update

The BC government has released their legislation on holding a referendum on proportional representation. It raised as many questions as it answered, but since then they’ve released a backgrounder that nails down a lot of key details, such as:

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New seat projection model shows the federal Greens leading in two seats

Bryan Breguet on his TooCloseToCall.ca blog has published a post about the initial version of his new seat projection model. He indicates it’s Continue reading “New seat projection model shows the federal Greens leading in two seats”

Another suggestion on improving EasyPR

It was suggested to me that EasyPR‘s proportionality could be improved by merging together some of the urban ridings. Instead of all ridings province-wide electing 2 people, the larger/rural ridings would be left alone to elect 2 people, but the smaller ridings could be merged together and elect more than two each. You could take two dense urban ridings and make one that elects 4 people, or you could Continue reading “Another suggestion on improving EasyPR”

“+Leaders” could be added to almost any PR system

One of the more interesting observations that was shared with me was that the “+Leaders” enhancement discussed in EasyPR could be added to almost any system. You could have STV + leaders, or MMP + Leaders. You could have RU-PR + Leaders, too. Almost anything really. So let’s look at the + Leaders a bit closer.

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Ways in which EasyPR could be improved

One of the most interesting questions I’ve had was, how could my proposed EasyPR be improved? It’s an interesting question, because no system is perfect and every system has room for improvement. There are ways it could be improved, and even made more proportional, and I’ll explore that in this post.

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More questions and comments about EasyPR

My goal was to come up with a system that didn’t require vote transfers, didn’t require top-up seats, didn’t complicate the actual act of voting, allowed independents to contest every seat (except for Leaders seats obviously), and didn’t require a boundaries commission. At several points in the development process I was pretty sure it was impossible, so to get some feedback from people that it’s at least a plausible option is very gratifying!

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