Poll round-up for August/September 2017

I haven’t done a poll round-up in a while, and there are several new ones to look at, so let’s dive in.

First up is Abacus Data has the federal Green Party at 6% nationwide, with highlights including 9% in BC, 9% in Atlantic Canada, 7% in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and 9% support amongst 18-29 year olds. Interestingly, this survey asked people if they considered themselves to be right, left, or centre votes. Self-avowedly left-wing voters supported the Greens at the 6% level, but centrist voters supported the Greens even more strongly at 7%.

Mainstreet Research has some different numbers. Canada-wide they have the federal Greens at 5% amongst decided and leaning voters, with the average being pulled up by British Columbians (10%), Quebecers (6%), and 18-34 year olds (10%). Elizabeth May’s personal approved rating is 35% (somewhat or strongly approve added together).

Nanos Research’s most recent research has the federal Greens at 4.74%, with 4% selecting Elizabeth May as best candidate for Prime Minister, and 27.3% of Canadians who would consider the Green Party as an option if an election were called when the survey was done. When it comes to whether she has the qualities of a good political leader, 34.7% of Canadians say Elizabeth May does. Highlights include 12.59% support for the federal party in BC, 4.99% amongst 40-49 year olds, 8.09% amongst those aged 30-39, and 6.47% for the 18-29 age range.


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