Welcome to my site on Green politics in Canada

This is my first post to my new site dedicated to discussing Canadian green politics in general, and the Green Party in particular. I’ve been a Green party supporter since 2001, and I’m a former candidate. In fact, I have the interesting distinction of being the first Green to run against Jon Horgan, when he and I were both rookie candidates for our respective parties in Langford BC in 2005.

Wait, you may ask, there are older posts than this one, why do you say this is the first post? I’ve had a fair bit to say about green politics in this country for a while. Some of it was posted publicly on websites of various sorts, and some of it has survived in my email’s “sent mail” folders. As I trip across relevant old posts on green politics, I’m grabbing it and posting it here (under its original creation date).

With a Green Party MP federally, Green Party MLAs in three provincial legislatures, the first Green caucus at the provincial level in Canadian history elected this year, and the BC Greens holding the balance of power in the BC legislature, this is a particularly fascinating time to be following the Green Party and I’m looking forward to what’s still to come.


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