BC Government announces the first three ways it intends to fight Kinder Morgan

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks on Kinder Morgan. Firstly, there was a softening of language around Kinder Morgan from the NDP government, noted and bemoaned by Andrew Weaver in late July. That was followed up by media speculation about upcoming pain points between the government and the Greens on resource and energy issues, and pointed out how striking it was that Horgan has met Trudeau multiple times without bringing the topic of Kinder Morgan even once.

So it’s with no small amount of surprise that I read that the BC government had outlined their first three points of attack on Kinder Morgan expansion.

We may never know, but with the softening one week, and the hardening the next, it seems likely to me that the pushback from the BC Greens on this issue probably helped keep the NDP on course. If so, I think it’s a great example of how a minority government can help act as a government’s conscience. I always hope for a minority government in any election, and I’m pleased as punch that we have one right now.


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