Greens lead in new poll of Fredericton NB

There’s something interesting going on for provincial Greens in Fredericton New Brunswick. As I write this the election is 15 months away, according to the sidebar on the right-hand side of the site, so there’s lots of time for it to change. But NB Green Party leader David Coon won a Fredericton riding in the last provincial election, and Greens did well in Fredericton in the last federal election, so something is happening there.

In the most recent Mainstreet Research public opinion poll of New Brunswick voting intention, for decided and leaning voters the NB Greens have 33% support in Fredericton, ahead of the Continue reading “Greens lead in new poll of Fredericton NB”


Welcome to my site on Green politics in Canada

This is my first post to my new site dedicated to discussing Canadian green politics in general, and the Green Party in particular. I’ve been a Green party supporter since 2001, and I’m a former candidate. In fact, I have the interesting distinction of being the first Green to run against Jon Horgan, when he and I were both rookie candidates for our respective parties in Langford BC in 2005.

Wait, you may ask, there are Continue reading “Welcome to my site on Green politics in Canada”

Riding-by-riding analysis of the May 2017 BC Election, as regards vote splitting

I decided to do a riding-by-riding analysis of the recent BC election, and here’s what I came up with:

– 48 ridings (55% of them) were won by 50% or more (24 BC Liberal; 23 NDP; 1 BC Green Party)

– 32 ridings (37% of them) were won by between 42% and 50%, but with a second-place candidate who was well back, meaning flipping the riding would require a massive and unlikely consolidation of support amongst supporters of the other candidates

Wow, that’s 80 of 87 ridings (92% of them) which appear to have a definitive result, one where subtracting candidates from the ballot would likely have made no difference to the outcome

The remaining 7 ridings Continue reading “Riding-by-riding analysis of the May 2017 BC Election, as regards vote splitting”