Federal Green Party polling update (2017/Aug/15)

Another week, another Nanos weekly tracking poll, plus two others from July that I tripped across recently. This week has the federal party at 5.45% Canada-wide, with the average being pulled up by:

British Columbians (14.50% support the federal Greens)

– people aged 30-39 (10.15%)

– people aged 40-49 (6.54%)

When it comes to potential voters, 30% of those polled by Nanos said they would consider supporting the Green Party of Canada.

A couple of polls from July that I just tripped over worth noting:

An Abacus Data poll that has the Greens at 5% Canada-wide, at 15% in BC, and at 8% with millenials.

A Campaign Research poll that also has the Greens at 5%, at 9% amongst 18-24 year-olds, and 10% amongst those aged 25-34. This poll has the federal Greens at 11% in BC and 6% in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

An observation is that the Nanos and Campaign Research polls both point to people in their 30s being single strongest age group for Green support, whereas Abacus suggests that “millenials” are (but at a quick glance, I didn’t see a definition of which age range they’re defining as “millenial”).


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