BC Premier John Horgan thanks BC Greens

Today is the BC Green Party convention in Sidney, deep in Adam Olsen’s riding of Saanich North and the Islands (as well as Elizabeth May’s federal riding). This is the only area in Canada that is represented by a Green both federally and provincially, so it’s an understandable choice for a party convention. I had hoped to attend, but staffing levels have kept me at work today. But it’s my lunchbreak, and I saw this and felt is was extremely newsworthy.

John Horgan sent along a letter to Andrew Weaver offering his “best wishes to your BC Green Party convention delegates” and how their support had ushered “in a new government with a positive agenda for change.” Horgan’s letter further asserts that “working together we can achieve great things.”

Andrew Weaver reportedly read it to convention delegates and referred to it as the classiest thing he had experienced in his first 4.5 years in politics. I tend to agree. I’ve met John Horgan many times, and usually find him to be polite and classy. He also like pie, but that’s another story for another blog post.


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